About Us

3-2-1Go! Event Promotions was born out of a passion for participating in multisport events, namely triathlon. In recent years, as I have continued to train and compete, the desire to get more involved on an ongoing basis and in addition to participating has become greater and greater. It is this desire and passion that has led to the formation of 3-2-1Go!.

Mark Borst is the owner of 3-2-1Go! Event Promotions. He has participated mostly in triathlons and running events for more than eleven years now, including completing Ironman Wisconsin five times. Along side his own training and competing, Mark wants to now focus on creating and providing race opportunities to others who wish to try new events, compete, have fun and be a part of an overall entertaining environment

Mark and 3-2-1Go! Event Promotions are dedicated to providing both short and long course distances, for individual and multisport events, that will encourage all athletes to compete. 3-2-1Go! also aims to provide an entertaining race environment from pre-race through post-race for participant and spectator alike.

Why the name 3-2-1Go!? My biggest rush in competition often comes as the anticipation of the final few seconds count down to a race start.  For me, it is at this point where a sudden realization occurs of how all the time, effort and miles that have been put in during training are all about to pay off.

I hope to see you at our next event!

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